Contestant lang noon, host na ngayon! Netizens praises TVJ’s decision to make Tugue Zombie as E.A.T host

Netizens praised TVJ Productions for not wasting the potential of internet celebrity Tugue Zombie and put him on the list of newest Dabarkads.

It can be recalled that Zombie was only supposed to be a guest for the show ‘Babala, ‘Wag Kayong Ganun!’ on July 13, but his sense of humor and talent as a multilingual captured the attention of the E.A.T hosts that they invited him to become one of the hosts of ‘Sugod Bahay.’

The Nigerian influencer revealed that he could speak several Filipino dialects like Ilokano, Cebuano, and Kapampangan, a rare trait for a foreign national like him.

Zombie quickly captured the heart of E.A.T fans, and he proved to be a competent host during his first appearance on Sugod Bahay.

Influencer Models of Manila lauded TVJ for their decision to hire Zombie.

“Ang husay talaga mag spot ng talent ng TVJ. Nakita nila agad ang potential kay Zombie, nakinig sila sa mga netizens at kinuha kaagad sya!” the influencer said.

“Syempre itong mga unang guesting nya ang magpapakita kung dapat ba sya maging mainstay ng show kaya natutuwa ako kapag nakaka joke sya ng maganda at napapatawa nya sila Bossing!” he added.

Netizens also said the same thing, but some of them believed that Zombie still needs more practice.

“Zombie is trying to find his way. But, eventually, he will feel “at home” and get the hang of it, so to speak. Baguhan pa lang naman kasi sya sa grupo. Mapapakita nya rin ang naturalisa nyang pagka-komedyante,” netizen Jayme said.

“Mejo nagaalangan parin xa sa mga kilos nya,,pero magaling xa at natural lang ung pagpapatawa nya,walang kaeffort effort,” netizen Remy stated.

They’re now excited to see Zombie meeting the ‘OG Dabarkads’ Jose Manalo, who’s still currently busy with other projects.

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