Tito Sotto expresses dismay over Drag Den Philippines contestant: “You ask for respect yet you won’t respect our religion”

Former Senate President Tito Sotto couldn’t hide his disappointment after watching a video showing a Drag Den Philippines contestant wearing a Jesus costume while dancing along to the music of ‘Ama Namin Remix.’

Drag queen Pura Luka Vega received criticism on social media after the said acts that were taken during a party.


Sotto, a devout follower of the Catholic Church, criticized Vega for his acts.

He even challenged Vega to do it with other religions.

“Whatever it is, why don’t you try doing that to another religion?” said Sotto.


“You ask for respect yet you won’t respect our religion, our faith, our way of life. The Lord’s Prayer is a model prayer directly taught by Jesus to his disciples and us, his followers.

“Don’t disrespect and blaspheme our religion for likes and attention,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Drag Den contestant refused to delete his post and argued that what he did was only art.


“My intent was never to put down a particular group, more so it’s really just how the art of drag or queer art is naman talaga,” said Vega.

The said actions made by Vega fueled the voice of the people who opposed the controversial SOGIE bill.

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