Drag Den Philippines contestant, refuses to apologizes for cosplaying Jesus while dancing ‘Ama Namin Remix’

A contestant for Drag Race Philippines 2023 received tremendous criticism on social media after he was seen in a video cosplaying Jesus Christ while dancing along to the remixed version of the Catholic worship mass song ‘Ama Namin.’

In a statement, Pura Luka Vega refused to apologize for his action, saying that even their existence was being criticized by the public.

“I won’t delete it nor will apologize for doing it.” said Vega. “To begin with, our mere existence as queer individuals already offends people. Drag is also queer and when I think about it, to me, it’s really just a yassified worship/lipsync of the Lord’s prayer.” 

“There’s a part of me that feels weird to explain my art when I don’t owe anyone an explanation of things. People are free to make interpretations of it. The way I see it, our reactions and perceptions reveal our values which we need to reflect on,” he added.

It can be recalled that several popular figures, including Sen. JV Ejercito, couldn’t hide their disappointment after watching the said video.

“This is blasphemy. This disrespects my faith. This went overboard.” Ejercito said.

Some observers believed that the reaction made by Ejercito may possibly mean, ‘one less vote’ for the SOGIE bill.

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