Paolo Contis responds to people who ask him to send financial support before giving prizes: “Hindi ko naman pera yon”

Eat Bulaga host Paolo Contis responded to his critics who asked him to send financial support to his children first before giving away prizes in the said noontime show.

In an interview with Ogie Diaz, Paolo said that he couldn’t believe that some people believed that the money he was giving away was his own money which fuels the speculation that he’s prioritizing giving financial support to other people over his own children.

According to him, the prizes he was giving away came from the production and sponsors of Eat Bulaga.

“Yung nagbibigay ng papremyo, hindi ko naman pera ‘yun e. Pera ng production ‘yun. Tawang-tawa ako sa konsepto na yun. Ang daming naniniwala na o, kung makapagbigay ka ng papremyo… Akin? Pera ko? Budget ng show ‘yun e,” Paolo said.

“Alam mo ang pangit ng sasabihin ko, maaano na naman to pero pag makikita mo… b*b*,” he added.

It can be recalled that several popular figures, including Rendon Labador, said the same thing, but Paolo denied that his message was mean to the motivational speaker.

“I hope you get the point, Eat Bulaga budget yan, hindi po ‘yan sakin,” he said.

He also said that he chose to keep his silence over the issue of his children because he wanted them to have a peaceful life away from showbiz.



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