Netizens criticize ‘VIP treatment’ of Awra Briguela for being released despite weekends

Awra Briguela went viral on social media after being involved in a heated confrontation between her and a group of men in Poblacion Makati Thursday night.

The Kapamilya actor was put under the custody of the Makati City Police and was expected to spend the rest of her weekend behind bars while waiting for the opening of the court to post bail.

However, even if the court may closed on Saturday, netizens were surprised after Awra was released on bail.

The actor was accompanied by her family and lawyer while leaving the station.

Awra refused to talk to the media about the charges he was facing.

Meanwhile, netizens criticized the ‘VIP treatment’ given to Awra.

“Woww magic labas kaagad ganun bah kapg sikat palabasin kaagad Saan yong justice dyan ahahahah Atleast Natikman niyang mag himas ng rihas . Nxt time kong iinom magtira sa sarili huwag puro kalandian.” netizen Mahal said.

“Justice system talaga dito satin “BULOK” pag kilala ka kahit Sabado at walang opisina makakapag bail ka pag ordinaryong tao ka lang antay ka ng lunes.So disappointing,” netizen Tess commented.

However, contrary to popular belief, some courts were open on Saturdays.

The same thing happened to Sen. Jinggoy Estrada in 2017 when he posted bail and got released on Saturday.

Sandiganbayan Presiding Justice Amparo Cabotaje-Tang explained why some people can still post bail even on Saturdays.

She denied that individuals who were successfully released on bail on Saturdays were given special treatment.

“The court maintains a regular skeletal force on Saturdays without fail,” the Justice said.

“There is a justice on duty for the day precisely to act on situations like the posting of bail.” she added.

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