Kampo ng mga Jalosjos, itinanggi na nilalayasan na sila ng mga advertisers: “It’s non-refundable”

The camp of the Jalosjos family, who currently owns TAPE Inc., denied that advertisers were now demanding to refund of the money they paid in advance to promote their products on Eat Bulaga.

It can be recalled that several outlets reported that major sponsors, including ‘Puregold’ already wanted to recover the money they paid to TAPE Inc. after Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon left the show.

However, in a statement, TAPE’s lawyer, Atty. Maggie Abraham-Garduque denied the said reports, saying that Puregold respected the contract between them and TAPE.

She also said that the contract was still valid even if the former hosts already left the show, as long as Eat Bulaga was still on air.

Aside from that, the fee which the advertisers paid was already not refundable.

“The contract is between Puregold and TAPE Inc. for Eat Bulaga! show. It is coterminous with the show and not with the hosts. Thus, there is no ground for a refund even if the main hosts left. As long as there is a show ‘Eat Bulaga’ within the wide reach network, GMA Network, the contract between TAPE Inc. and Puregold shall subsist.” the lawyer said.

“These are two big companies which both respect the terms of the contract. It is stated in their contract that the same cannot be cancelled, and the fee is non-refundable,” she added.

To prove that Puregold and TAPE Inc. still had a good relationship, Atty. Abraham-Garduque revealed that the two companies were now planning to put a segment to promote the grocery chain on Eat Bulaga.

It was known that the owner of Puregold, Susan Co, was a close friend of TVJ, and she’s one of the first major sponsors who checked on the three.

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