Vlogger na si Jean Cacho, sumagot sa nagreklamo sa kanyang catering service: “Pumayag na po kameng wag nila bayaran ang balance nila”

Vlogger Jean Cacho answered the accusation from one of her customers who called her out for allegedly serving poor-quality dishes during an event on June 3, 2023.

In her Facebook post, Cacho, who owned Caches Catering Services, aired her side, answering the accusations made against her by customer Le A Lyn.

Cacho apologized to her customer for being unsatisfied with the service. However, she denied some of the claims made by Lyn about the event.

The vlogger denied that she served Spaghetti and Macaroni during the event, and those dishes came from their customer.

She also said that some of the guests just visited the venue to eat and suddenly left, making Cacho and her team confused about the counting.

Aside from false claims, Cacho also said that their customer lost the money they were supposed to use to pay them during the day of the event.

However, because of the complaint they received from Lyn, Cacho decided not to charge her disappointed customer anymore.

“Saka sila nawalan ng worth 60k na pera. Pinag overtime kame hanggang 12midnight kc hinahanap ung pambayad. pero di na nahanap. Sabi nila kinabukasan bayaran. Pero ang nangyari ang dami na nilang reklamo. At para di na lumaki pumayag na po kameng wag nila bayaran ang balance nila,” Cacho said.

She also denied the claims made by Lyn that her crew decided to eat first before serving their customers.

“HIndi gawain ng staff maunang kumain bago ang guest. Habang kumakain sila inaya nila ng maraming beses ang mga staff na kumain, kaya sila kumain. At inabutan pa ng alak. Kung alam lang ng staff na ganun mangyayari di na po sila kakain,” she stated.

Some of the photos posted by Lyn were also misleading, according to Cacho, and some of them were taken during or after the event already.

Despite the accusations, Cacho still decided to humble herself and apologize.

As of writing the photo already received thousands of reactions from the netizens.

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