GMA tikom ang bibig kung posibleng palitan ng It’s Showtime ang rebranded Eat Bulaga

No one could imagine that one of ABS-CBN’s top-rated shows, ‘It’s Showtime,’ would be aired on the channel of their competitor GMA Network.

In a statement, GMA CEO Felipe Gozon expressed excitement over the decision of It’s Showtime to transfer to GTV Channel after staying for months on TV5.

It’s Showtime would start airing on GTV beginning July 1, matching the grand launch of Eat Bulaga, which replaced them on TV5.

Coincidentally, Eat Bulaga was also the closest rival of It’s Showtime, and it’s not yet known if their rivalry influenced the decision of the ABS-CBN’s program not to stay with the same network as the Dabarkads.

However, netizens noticed the silence of Gozon about the possible fate of the rebranded version of Eat Bulaga after its contract with GMA expires in 2024.

Some observers said that it’s possible that the rebranded Eat Bulaga would be replaced by It’s Showtime if the program showed signs of unpopularity.

It can be recalled that It’s Showtime almost surpassed the rebranded version of Eat Bulaga in ratings in the past few days, despite GMA having broader coverage on television.

As of writing, TAPE Inc. and GMA have yet to release a statement about their future plans.


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