Vic Sotto vows to retain ‘Eat Bulaga’ title: “Parang may kulang sa buhay ko tapos kukunin lang ng kung sino-sino”

Television host Vic Sotto vowed to retain the title of their noontime show Eat Bulaga from Television and Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE Inc.) after their transfer to TV5.

During the media conference on June 20, 2023, Vic talked about the possibility of them taking the title Eat Bulaga despite already being used by their former production company which the Jalosjos family owns.

According to Bossing, they’re not yet deciding on what title they would use for their new show on TV5 because they really wanted to use ‘Eat Bulaga’.

Bossing Vic said that for 44 years, Eat Bulaga became part of his life so he couldn’t imagine using another title for their new noontime show.

He even mentioned TV5’s chairman Manny V. Pangilinan, hinting that the tycoon would help them to retain the title.

“You can just imagine after 44 years, minahal mo… ako more than half of my life. Kapag absent ako sa ‘Eat Bulaga!’ parang may kulang sa buhay ko tapos kukunin lang ng kung sino-sino, aba hindi pupuwede… hindi papayag si MVP.” he said.

Meanwhile, Joey de Leon joked that they would change the title of their show every day.

“Pwede kunyari Monday sasabihin ni Pareng Vic na ‘Our title of the day…’ Joey said.

Tito Sotto then responded, saying that they’re seriously trying to insist on their right to use Eat Bulaga title.

“We are definitely working on the legal side for ‘Eat Bulaga.’ Si Joey ang nag-imbento no’n e. History and the law back us up…it may take some time, but we will be able to use ‘Eat Bulaga.’ I’m sure of that.” Tito explained.

As of writing, TAPE Inc. was still using Eat Bulaga title for their show on GMA Network, gaining criticisms from the netizens who believed the company should stop using the title after TVJ left them.

However, observers believed that TAPE Inc. would not give up Eat Bulaga title without having legal proceedings between them and TVJ.

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