Baka nabali! Netizens worried about Xander Ford’s nose after his boxing with Christian Merck Grey

Xander Ford’s boxing match with his ‘kumpare’ Christian Merck Grey went viral on social media and has been watched by millions of netizens.

The match ended with Xander hitting the canvas in just two rounds after being toyed by Christian.

In the said match, it can be noticed that Xander tried to finish Christian as quickly as possible, but his strategy made him easily tired.

In the second round, it was visible that Xander was already tired, while Christian was effortlessly dodging the former.

Xander has been knocked out after receiving a combination from Christian.

After the match, medical personnel quickly rushed to give first aid to Xander.

Netizens also noticed that the medics were trying to treat the enhanced nose of the influencer.

They expressed concern about the possibility that Christian broke Xander’s nose, which might cost him another fortune.

“Lagot ka kuya merck bubudulin ka ulit nyan. Pang pa doctor ng ilong nya,” a netizen said.

It can be recalled that before the match, Xander demanded Christian shoulder all the expenses for the baptism of his child, which was worth P349,000.

In the end, Christian paid Xander, but the issue didn’t end there, so they decided to settle everything in a boxing match.

To convince Xander to accept the challenge, Christian offered P200,000 for his talent fee and another P200,000 if the former won the match.

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