Ilang host ng Eat Bulaga, nagkaroon diumano ng ‘secret meeting’ tungkol sa posibleng paglipat nila ng network

Veteran columnist Cristy Fermin revealed information about the rumored mass exodus that may possibly happen in Eat Bulaga in the coming days.

In her online show ‘Showbiz Now Na’ with her co-hosts Rommel Chika and Wendell Alvarez, they discussed the possible transfer of some Eat Bulaga hosts, together with Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon because of their problems with the management.

According to Cristy, a secret meeting was held between some people behind Eat Bulaga to count how many of them would join the exodus.

One of the results of the meeting was the vow of the people who attended that they would support TVJ and transfer to another network together.

It can be recalled that aside from the planned force retirement of some production members of Eat Bulaga, Tito also revealed that some hosts including Vic and Joey didn’t receive any talent fee for several months.

Because of the problems surrounding Eat Bulaga, some producers from other networks didn’t waste the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to convince TVJ to possibly work with them.

“That’s possible,” Sotto said when asked about their possible transfer of network. “As a matter of fact, I have no problem saying that we’re getting offers from two other stations,” 

It’s not yet known if the Jalosjos family has a backup plan if ever that TVJ finally decided to leave after decades of working with them.

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