Jason Hernandez reacts to J’Mee dela Torre’s tweets: “I missed her. I miss my bestfriend.”

Jason Hernandez reacted to the criticisms he received from Moira dela Torre’s sister J’Mee.

It can be remembered that Jason made a new song dedicated to his former partner, but J’Mee found the song funny, claiming that the actions made by the singer to her sister contradicted the song.

“Nakakatawa ung buong song, especially ung part na “naghihintay parin hanggang ngayon sa ikaw at ako.” kasi parang sa buong year never ka naman nag-effort sa ate ko??? Never ka din nag-effort sa family namin before and after kayo naghiwalay.” J’Mee said.

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Jason then defended himself, saying that J’Mee should not be surprised by the song he released because he already showed it to her last year.

“Sorry J’mee I didn’t want to do this. I tried calling you but you blocked me everywhere. I was caught off guard when you posted your tweets because one, I showed you this song last year July already so I don’t get why you’re surprised with the lyrics,” Jason said.

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He also said that he was visiting Moira’s relatives, until the Dela Torre family asked him to stop.

“Number two, I visited May, August, October, and December to give gifts for Christmas. I promised you I‘d still be your kuya no matter what. But when your mom expressed that Moi didnt want me hanging out with you guys, I respected that that’s why I stopped visiting.” he stated.

Jason even narrated how he plead to Moira to fix their relationship after he cheated.

“You didnt see kung paano ako lumuhod at umiyak so she would take me back (ate lea and chai saw), you didnt see kung pano siya nag basag ng baso to shut me up, you didnt see kung pano siya galit na galit noong nagpadala ako ng food sakanya cause I thought she was sick and how she told me to never go near her again. You dont know how I would wait outside the condo sa driveway para ma-timingan lang siya kausapin.” Jason stated.

He also admitted that he still wanted to reconcile with Moira.

“Ask your ate, we spoke on the phone about 3 weeks ago and told her I missed her. I miss my bestfriend. Thats why I never had any other relationship before and after we broke up. You call me desperate, yes, I am desperate to have her back. I made mistakes but I wanna be able to say that I did everything to make up and learn from it.” he said.


As of writing, Moira or J’Mee have yet to respond to Jason’s statement.

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