Bridesmaid, kinain ang giveaway na sabon sa kasal na inakala niyang cake: “

A netizen from Cavite couldn’t stop laughing at herself after realizing that the giveaway she ate from a wedding she attended was not meant to be eaten.

In a Facebook post, Kristine Gruezo who became a bridesmaid at a wedding she attended shared the bitemark of the cake-designed soap she received after trying to taste it.

According to her, she was not informed that the giveaway she received from the wedding was not food.

She was also misled by the smell of the soap.

The story shared by Gruezo received thousands of shares and reactions from the netizens.

Some of them even questioned if the bridesmaid was not really aware that the giveaway was not meant to be eaten.

“Chusera. Forda content. Matigas Ang sabon compare sa cake. Chusera ka.” netizen Ogie said.

A netizen also expressed concern about the lack of details in the packaging.

“The problem is the packaging, wala man lang label na nilagay, at saka mukha talaga kasing food kaya dapat di ganiyan iyung lalagyan,” netizen Cindy commented.

Another commenter said that they should add clear information about the packaging because some people including children might really think that the soap is edible.

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