Manilyn Reynes opposes Hope Soberano’s opinion about love teams: “You can do it on your own”

Actress Manilyn Reynes didn’t agree with the opinion made by Hope Soberano that celebrities in the Philippines would not become famous without having a love team.

It can be remembered that last April, Hope made comments against love team culture in the Philippines during a podcast.

“In the Philippines, there’s this huge phenomenon called love teams. Love team is when they put two actors together and they become like `Brangelina.’ They ship you and this scenario, there’s reel and real, and we’re supposed to be a real couple on and off cam and we only work with each other our whole career,” Liza said.

However, in an interview with Boy Abunda, Manilyn believed that even without a love team, an artist’s career might also still become successful based on their talent.

“Certainly, kaya mong gawin yan on your own. You always go back to ano yung talent na ibinigay sa’yo. Hindi ko sinasabi na hindi mo kailangan ng ka-love team. Somewhere, sometimes, somehow, kailangan meron ka rin ka-love team, lalo na kapag growing up, mga teeny, teenager ka.” Manilyn said.

“Pero of course you can do it on your own. Ipakita mo what you’ve got. Huwag half-baked. Kasi sa totoo lang, ang hirap ng half-baked ang ginawa mo.” she added.

Manilyn was also paired with several actors including Janno Gibbs, Kempee de Leon, and her current husband Aljon Jimenez.


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