Christopher de Leon inamin na umabot sa yugto na naubos ang kanyang naipundar: “I lost everything. Nasanla na yung bahay.”

Veteran actor Christopher de Leon narrated that he almost lost everything in the middle of his career because of his ‘unprofessionalism’ in the past.

In an interview with Korina Sanchez on April 30, 2023, he narrated that his bad work ethic in the past made film and show producers stay away from him.


According to him, he became lazy and even prioritizing partying instead of being on time during tapings.

Because of his bad reputation among producers, Christopher lost his source of income which forced him to sell some of the properties that he earned from being an actor.

“I lost everything. Nasanla na yung bahay. Nagbanggaan yung mga kotse ko. I was, like, zero balance in the bank. Umabot na ako dun,” the actor shared.


Despite what happened to him, his wife Sandy Andolong and his children didn’t leave him.

Christopher decided to change himself for the better to save his career.

“It was also because I love my kids, my children so much. So I had to ano… Kailangan mong mag-survive, e. Then you have a family, mari-realize mo you are fortunate to have all of this and then biglang you’re throwing it away. Di puwede. Di tama.” he said.


Christopher was one of the most popular actors in the country, winning 7 FAMAS awards.


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