Rendon Labador, may banat kay Slater Young: ‘Huwag mo kaming idamay!’

Motivational Speaker Rendon Labador criticized the recent statements made by Pinoy Big Brother grand winner Slater Young.

It can be recalled that many fans of Slater couldn’t hide their disappointment after the influencer said that it’s normal for men to fancy other women despite having a relationship already.


According to Rendon, Slater should not generalize men, saying that not every man on earth was disrespectful like him.

The controversial content creator said that what Slater said was a sign of weakness.

“Huwag kang mandamay! Normal lang ‘yan sa mga bastos na lalake at mga lalaking walang direksyon at purpose sa buhay,” Rendon said.

“Unfocused weak men tend to distract themselves with pleasure,” he added.


Rendon even questioned the intelligence of Slater who’s still receiving criticisms until now.

As of writing, Slater has yet to respond to Rendon’s lecture.

Meanwhile, several netizens especially women said that they were disappointed by the statement made by Slater, calling him a ‘big red flag’.


“Now that slater young is getting cancelled, let me just say that the reason why they look like the “perfect” family is bc they have generational wealth. no money problems = happy fam lol. i, thank you,” netizen JH said.

I guess Slater Young is NOT the standard afterall. Women aren’t toys you can use for entertainment,” netizen Cha said.

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