Rendon Labador, gustong pabagsakin ang showbiz era: “Laos na kayong lahat!”

Motivational Speaker Rendon Labador wanted a bigger mission and planning to end the era of the showbiz industry.

In his story, he asked for the support of other influencers and content creators to help him end the showbiz industry that he always criticized.

It’s not yet known why Rendon disliked showbiz personalities that he wanted to end their fame.

“I want to end showbiz era! My fellow influencers this is our time!” he said.

“Rise & Shine!” he added.

As of writing, no content creators or influencers expressed their interest in joining Rendon’s mission to end showbiz.

It can be recalled that Rendon was being criticized by several showbiz personalities including Kuya Kim Atienza, Kakai Bautista, Tuesday Vargas, and Joross Gamboa after the motivational speaker made comments against Michael V.

In his statement, Rendon said that the said celebrities who criticized him were not popular anymore and urged them to use social media to become relevant again.

“Kahit mag kampihan pa kayong lahat, wala akong paki alam. Bakit hindi ninyo matanggap na mga laos na kayo? Masakit na katotohanan yan na kailangan ninyong lunukin.” Rendon said.

Rendon’s post received criticisms from the netizens, urging him to stop criticizing Bitoy who’s one of the most respected artists in the country who never faced any controversy during his decades of career.


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