Rendon Labador may mensahe sa komedyanteng si Michael V: “Laos na kayo”

Rendon Labador made criticisms against one of the most popular comedians in the Philippines, Michael V.

In his Facebook post, Rendon reacted to Bitoy’s reminder to content creators, saying that they should understand the meaning of ‘content’ first.

“The first thing any ‘content creator’ should understand is the meaning of the word: ‘content’,” Michael said.

Rendon then reacted, saying that Michael V. already lost his popularity.

The motivational speaker insisted that influencers were now more popular than mainstream media celebrities like Bitoy.

“INFLUENCERS are the new celebrities! Kung hindi ninyo kayang makipag patalinuhan sa mga INFLUENCERS sa pag produce ng content.. Manahimik nalang kayo. MAINSTREAM IS DEAD!!! Social media is the NEW MAINSTREAM,” said Labador.

Netizens again couldn’t hide their disappointment at the comment of Rendon against Michael V. who’s one of the most respected celebrities in the country.

“Lods wag yan… Bitoy yan,” a netizen said.

“Si Michael V lang ang matalinong comedian na hindi nanlait or nanira ng tao para makapagpatawa. Yung sense of humor and words of wisdom na meron sya sobrang nakaka inspire. Nakakahiya naman sayo,” another netizen commented.

Some also pointed out that Michael V remained popular as his show Pepito Manaloto was still on-air for already 13 years.

As of writing, Bitoy has yet to give any statement to the post made by Rendon.

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