Melai Cantiveros admits not helping relatives asking support for education: “Ba’t ako magbabayad ng tuition fee ng anak mo, eh anak mo ‘yan’

Comedienne Melai Cantiveros admitted that she’s not helping her relatives when it comes to the tuition fee of their children.

In an interview with Enchong Dee, Melai shared how she was spending her money to her family and relatives.

According to her, she refused the plead of her relatives asking her money for the education of their children.

Melai believed that it’s not her responsibility to help the children of her relatives.

According to Melai, her parents taught her to become responsible and stop relying to others.

“Kunyari sa mga pinsan ko, hindi ako magbabayad ng mga tuition fee nila. Hihingan ako ng kapatid ng pang-tuition, (sasabihin ko) ‘Ba’t ako magbabayad ng tuition fee ng anak mo, eh anak mo ‘yan,” Melai said.

“Kami, bata pa lang kami, tinuruan na kami na huwag umasa. Dapat kayo maging breadwinner. Pero dapat breadwinners. Lahat kayo breadwinners ng family.” 

“Kunwari nagtatrabaho si Ate. Dapat nagtatrabaho ka rin. Kunyari sinabi ng kapamilya ko tuition fee, sasabihin ko, ba’t ako mag-tuition fee? Pagalitan talaga. Manginig ka talaga, partner,” 

“Kaya kapag responsibilidad mo, responsibilidad mo ‘yan. Kasi pinasok mo ‘yan. Hindi pwedeng ako ‘yan,”

Meanwhile, Melai clarified that she’s still treating her relatives when she’s visiting them in her home province.


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