Anak ni Pokwang na si Malia, ipinakilala ang kanyang bagong daddy: “This is John, my new dada”

Pokwang couldn’t hide her surprise after her daughter Malia introduced what she believed to be her new daddy.

In an Instagram post, Pokwang shared a video where Malia can be seen introducing her dolls to her mother and saying their names.

Malia called the female doll her ‘mama’ while she called the male doll ‘John’.


Pokwang clarified in the comment section that John was only an imaginary father of Malia.

However, she hinted that she was still open to having another partner.

“Sino si John ha Malia? imaginary dada? hahahhahahaa sige ipag pray natin yang si John para totoo na kailangan galing kay God para bongga.” Pokwang said.



It can be recalled that Pokwang got separated from her former partner Lee O’Brian who’s the father of Malia.


Because of the reason for their breakup, Pokwang made criticisms against her former partner after discovering that the American actor was already dating another woman.


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