Netizen, ibinahagi ang isang ‘modus’ ng isang grupo gamit ang pabango upang makapambiktima

A netizen warned the social media user about a new ‘modus’ of some groups using perfume to subdue their potential victims.

In a Facebook post, netizen Stephanie Jean posted the message sent by her sister who allegedly almost got victimized by a group.

According to the post by Jean, a middle-aged lady asked her sister to help her smell perfume inside a big pharmacy chain.

However, several minutes after smelling the perfume, the victim started to feel dizzy and numb.


“There was a lady (around her late 30s-40s) who asked her if she could ”smell” something cus she couldn’t smell it. My sister took a whiff, and told her it smells okay naman then she literally disappeared right after.” Jean wrote.

She suspected that the lady was trying to subdue her so she decided to get near the security guard of the said pharmacy.

The victim then noticed a suspicious group went inside the store and seems to wait for her to go outside.

“Then two other people came inside the store (assuming they’re with the old lady) and my sister saw in her peripheral that they were kinda following her(stalker vibez).
She immediately felt unsafe. She stayed near the guard and 30 mins after she felt that half of her body became NUMB.” she said.


Fortunately, the victim successfully called for help and left the store safely.

“I don’t know what’s on that “perfume” but it’s definitely sketchy. I don’t know what kind of modus this is, but imagine what could have happened.” she warned.

The post already reached 148,000 shares as of writing.


However, some people were questioning if the story was true especially since there were perfume legend stories that already circulating on the internet since 2000.

Whether the story was true or not, netizens were still being advised not to talk to strangers in public places, especially if they’re alone.

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