Ilang artist, hinamon si Rendon Labador na bilhin ang kanilang ‘rice art’ sa halagang P100,000

Motivational Speaker Rendon Labador’s restaurant was still trending on social media because of his unique way of marketing his business online.

Even his restaurant’s extra rice was being discussed by netizens because of its expensive price of 100 pesos per serving.

But instead of lowering the price, Rendon gave his rice a branding and called it ‘motivational rice‘ to motivate the people to work hard and afford it.

Because of the popularity gained by motivational rice, a group of artists didn’t waste the opportunity to capture the attention of the influencer by creating a portrait of him using rice husks.

In a Facebook post, Giovani Garinga, together with other six artists tried to recreate the portrait of Rendon, calling it ‘rice art of motivated rice artists’.

They challenged Labador to buy their art for 100,000 pesos.

“When the motivational rice of sir Rendon went viral, that gave us the idea who our next subject would be. Also we priced the artwork double its original price like how he priced his motivational rice a whopping P100. We got the message of his rice so hopefully he gets the message of our rice art,” Giovani said.

“Sabi po niya kasi kaya daw P100 ‘yung rice niya ay para ma-motivate ang mga Pinoy na taasan (ang) standard. So ‘yung artwork namin double the original price. We’ll see kung bibilhin po ba niya ‘yung artwork with that price,” he added.

As of writing, Labador has yet to respond to the group of artists.

Netizens were expecting that the motivational speaker would afford to buy the said art.


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