Ara Mina has a message to Marco Gumabao after he reveals his relationship with Christine Reyes

Actress Ara Mina gave her message to Marco Gumabao after the actor revealed his relationship with Christine Reyes.

Ara who’s the older sister of Christine gave advice to Marco who’s younger by six years to his partner.

The actress was hoping that Marco would take care of Christine and her child.

“Please take care and love my sister, okay? Make her happy. Please love also her daughter kasi siyempre may plus one na agad yan.” Ara said.

It can be recalled that Marco and Christine went viral on social media after the actor posted several photos with the actress.

Marco described Christine as both ‘girlfriend’ and ‘wife’ material because of her attitude.

“Yung masayang kasama sa kahit saan. Yung very loving, very caring…” Marco said.

“She’s not the first woman naman to be a single parent. Wala naman masama,” he added.

Christine had a previous relationship with Ali Khatibi, but unfortunately, they got separated because of their problems with each other.

However, the actress clarified that they’re ‘in good terms’ with her former husband.

“Ideally, it shouldn’t end, but it depends on the circumstances… But for me, if you’re not happy, you should do something about it.” she said.


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