Tim Connor, may patama kay Victor Consunji: “Wear a condom before filing an adultery charge”

Businessman Tim Connor captured the attention of the netizens after he made a cryptic comment to his rumoured girlfriend Maggie Wilson’s post.

In her post, Maggie made an inspiring post amid the charges she was facing from her husband, Victor Consunji and businesswoman Rachel Carrasco.

“Wear your tragedies as armor, not as shackles!” Wilson said.

Connor then replied to the model.

*Wear a condom before filing an adultery charge.” he said.

Netizens speculated that Connor was taking a swipe against Consunji, who also filed a case against him.

The issue became more intriguing when Consunji and Carrasco posted a photo of a baby, sparking rumours that the two were having a relationship while the businessman accused his wife of infidelity.

In their latest post, Carrasco also posted a photo of her together with Consunji and Wilson’s son, who’s coincidentally named Connor.

Consunji filed charges against Wilson in 2022, saying that the model was having a relationship with Connor, who’s their friend and business partner.

In 2023, Consunji and Carrasco started sharing photos of them together, sparking rumours that they were dating.

Wilson and Connor also posted photos together but didn’t openly admit if they were in a relationship.

Connor said that he didn’t feel bad about Consunji for pursuing charges against him and Wilson.

“Speaking from my own bad experiences, ego and thinking you are powerful can really put you in a bad place. If I had a beautiful young son and daughter, I would be cherishing these moments and not playing games I will regret in the future,” Connor said.


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