11-year-old boy forced to play mobile games for 17 hours straight to discipline him

Using mobile phones has become one of the top hobbies in the world, especially among children and teenagers.

However, because of being easily accessible, many people are already being dependent on using the said device, which might already affect their studies and sleep time.

Many parents were complaining that their children were using their phones for too long and they were having difficulties controlling the habit of their youngsters.

A father in Huang made a unique way to stop his child from using his phone for longer hours by forcing him to play mobile games for 11 hours straight.

In a post on social media, he told his child to play mobile games for 24 hours straight so he would learn the bad effects of using the said device for too long.

According to the father, he caught his child playing mobile games during late hours, so instead of stopping the boy, he forced him to play for a whole day without any rest.

At first, the boy was happy with what he was doing after being allowed by his father to play non-stop.

However, after several hours, the boy started to get tired and asked his father to let him stop using his mobile phone, but the latter refused.

The boy even fell asleep, but his father woke him up and asked him to continue playing.

After 17 hours, the boy already gave up and plead with his father to let him stop playing mobile games.

He even wrote a note promising that he would limit the use of his phone.

The father gave him a chance to his child, believing that the boy had already learned his lesson.

Netizens praised the father for what he did, hoping that the boy was already disciplined.

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