Kindergarten teacher na pinunit ang activity paper ng kanyang estudyante, may depensa: “I have my ways how to discipline my students”

A mother couldn’t hide her disappointment after being informed about the treatment received by her son from his kindergarten teacher.

Kindergarten was supposed to teach children how to love studying, but a teacher did the opposite to her student after ripping apart his activity paper for being talkative.

She also posted her conversation with the teacher.

The teacher defended her actions, saying that she had already asked the student to be quiet several times.

To discipline the child, she decided to rip off the activity paper of the child.

“I don’t like children who don’t know how to listen and keep talking. It’s okay if it only happened once, but I already asked your child for the 10th time to stay quiet.” the teacher said.

“I have my ways how to discipline my students. If you don’t like it, I can’t do anything about it.” she added.

Some netizens also said that while it’s right to discipline students, the teacher crossed the line with what she did to the boy.

“Kuing teacher ka dapat ma-tiyaga and ma-effort ka at palawigin mo ang pasensya mo.” a netizen said.

Meanwhile, the Department of Education (DepEd) already launched an investigation against the teacher.

If it was proven that she traumatized her student, she might lose her license to teach.




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