A woman sells her house and also ready to marry the buyer of the property

A property owner went viral on social media after she offered herself to the potential buyers of her house.

According to a report, Wina Lia, a 40-year-old widow, said that she’s also open to marrying the buyer of her house.

The price of a house in Java estimated cost 4.2-M pesos.

Lia went captured the attention of the netizens for being clever, saying that she would technically still own the house if the buyer ever decided to marry her.

Many men quickly expressed interest in the rare offer from Lia. However, only one almost captured her heart.

A man identified as Redi Eko Saputra, who claimed to be a widower, offered to buy the house and also said that he was ready to marry Lia.

The two almost decided to marry each other, but the publicity gained by the two uncovered the bitter truth about Saputra.

Saputra has been revealed to be still married to a woman and even held a press conference to criticize her partner for his attempt to marry Lia.

However, Lia said that she would still give a chance to Saputra, who vowed to fix his problem.

“He said he didn’t tell me because he was afraid I would leave him. He apologized and said he’d solve his problem. “I’m going to postpone it until all of this is finished,” she said.

Saputra still decided to buy the house from Lia and has already completed the payment.



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