Claudine Barretto, inakusahan ng pangagamit kay Rico Yan matapos niyang dalawin ang puntod ng kanyang ex-boyfriend

Claudine Barretto went viral on social media after she visited the grave of her ex-boyfriend Rico Yan on Easter Sunday.

In her social media post, she shared her visit to the late-matinee idol, who passed away at the age of 27 during his vacation in Palawan.

“Late post #eastersunday late night visit,” she wrote.

However, some netizens questioned why Claudine was still mentioning Rico on her posts despite the fact that they had already got separated even before the actor’s passing.

“Girllll patahimikin mo na… ok lng n dumalaw ka pero yung may pa video eme kapa.. clout chaser kana kaumay.” a netizen said.

“Elementary ako nung nawala si Rico Yan. Tumanda na ako’t lahat, ginagamit pa rin ng babaeng ito ang kawawang tao. Sumakabilang buhay siya habang nasa sumakabilang bahay ka raw.” another commented.

Some even noticed the timing of Claudine’s visit.

“Visiting the cemetery in the middle of the night just to say happy easter followed by a 20-second awkward silence like be normal,” another netizen said.

It can be recalled that Claudine was reportedly barred during the burial of Rico and blamed by the public for the passing of the actor.

Some even blamed Raymart Santiago for what happened to Rico.

Raymart has been tagged as the third party in the relationship between Claudine and Rico, and the actress married the former later on.

However, Raymart and Claudine ended their relationship and are now in the process of annulment.


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