Janno Gibbs, tinarayan ang kasamahan na tinawag siyang ‘mataba’: “You look old”

Singer and actor Janno Gibbs shared his encounter with a former colleague who approached him and judged the changes in his appearance.

In his Instagram post, Janno said that his former colleague in showbiz noticed that he gained weight so he made a frank response to the latter.

“Bumped into a showbiz colleague from before. Small talk. He then casually said “Tumaba ka ha” I let it pass. I asked “What do u do now?” He said “Oh I’m retired already” My reply: “Oh that’s why… You look Old” to which he got shocked and upset,” Janno narrated.

The post reached 4,203 reactions as of writing and even celebrities like Martin Nievera replied on the story of Janno, saying that he also didn’t like hearing comments about his weight.



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“I hate that! I get that all the time and I always ask myself how some people can be so comfortable at being tactless and say such things, but I learned also that through the years and after many “scratching my head” moments at such comments that believe it or not some mean it in a good way.” Martin said.

“Like , “you look happy!” “You look healthy!” “You look successful” and not so much, “oh my god you look like a walking talking condominium!” Tactless ? Or being too comfortable?? What ever it is it hurts yes? Ayyyy,” he added.

Television host Tim Yap also reacted to the post by Janno, saying that people should stop being tactless and giving comments about weight.

However, some netizens asked Janno to be kinder in giving a response next time.

“You can always let ppl know they did or said something wrong. That’s the more Christian thing to do,” a netizen told Janno.


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