Isang pamilya, nasawi sa sunog na nanggaling sa naiwang electric bicycle na naka-charge

A whole family from Pozorubbio, Pangasinan didn’t survive the fire that happened in their house on April 3, 2023.

According to the report of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Pozorubbio, all members of the De Guzman-Villanueva Family has been found lifeless after the fire that was possibly caused by an electric bicycle that they forgot to unplug while charging it overnight.

The victims were identified as Mark, 34, Dixie, 36, Mc Kenxie, 6, Kairie, 2 and Keziah, 1.

SF04 Randy Fabro of BPF Pozorubbio said that the fire started in the house’s garage where the electric bicycle was being charged.


The fire has been declared under control around 2:58 a.m. but the authorities failed to save the victims.

Some houses were also affected by the said fire.


BFP estimated that 9-M peso worth of properties has been destroyed during the fire.

A report also said that the bodies of all the victims were found hugging each other.

Meanwhile, authorities reminded the netizens to avoid leaving electric vehicles while charging to avoid such unfortunate incidents.


Electric bikes became one of the fastest-increasing mode of transportation in the country because it was considered cheap and clean than traditional vehicles.

Leknaan Ya Pozorrubio, Inc, an NGO, launched a donation drive to the surviving victims of the fire.

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