Jormiel Labador, pumalag sa 100-peso rice ng restaurant ng kapatid na si Rendon: “Are you out of your mind?”

Content creator Jormiel Labador reacted to the newest controversy being faced by his brother Rendon Labador after some netizens complained about the price of the plain rice in his restaurant.

It can be recalled that some netizens questioned the pricing of the ‘pandan rice’ at Episode Bar + Kitchen which costs P100.


As a response to the complaints, Rendon called his rice ‘motivational’ saying that people should work hard to afford it.

While Jormiel admitted that the food being served at his brother’s restaurant was delicious, he still couldn’t stop himself to ask Rendon about the pricing of their rice.

“Kaya nga ako nandito kasi gusto kong kumprontahin si Rendon Labador,” Jormiel said. “Bakit 100 pesos ang presyo ng rice mo, alam mo ba na madaming tao ang nagugutom ngayon, tapos 100 pesos ‘yung rice?”

“Rendon Labador are you out of your mind? Dapat ginawa mo ng 200 pesos nahiya ka pa.” he added.


According to Jormiel, you could buy 10 cups of rice in some carinderia for 100 pesos.

“Dapat tanggalin na sa management tong si Rendon Labador,” he stated.


Jormiel then revealed that he bought his own rice to avoid buying paying 100 pesos to the restaurant of his brother.

The video already reached 515,000 views as of writing.

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