Paul Soriano, nagwala diumano sa press conference para kay Vanessa Hudgens

Presidential Adviser for Creative Communications Paul Soriano is in hot water again after reportedly treating the members of the media during a supposed press conference for Hollywood actress Vanessa Hudgens.

Hudgens has been named to be the Global Tourism Ambassador to the Philippines.

According to the report of several news websites, including Bilyonaryo, Soriano ranted in the middle of the press conference and decided to end the event prematurely while the members of the press were lining up to get an interview with Hudgens.

CNN Philippines’ Christine Jacob was one of the members of the press who were supposed to interview Hudgens, but Soriano decided to end the conference.

“Get the press out of here. I don’t need them. They’re so useless. The press can f*ck off.” Soriano reportedly told his PR team.

Even the members of the press were surprised by the actions made by Soriano, while they praised Hudgens and her family for being accommodating to every interviewer.

The report also said that Soriano ended the press conference so his wife, Toni Gonzaga would get all the time to exclusively interview Hudgens.

Some also speculated that the director was not happy with the press because of their reports against his wife.

As of writing, Soriano has yet to release a statement on the issue.

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