Netizens kinaaliwan ang isang chef na sinubukan gumawa ng grilled halo-halo bilang panapat sa grilled balut

A chef went viral on social media after trying to match the trend of the street food ‘grilled balut’.

In his video, Dennis de Manace (@chefdon1206) shared how he tried to make a ‘grilled halo-halo’ to imitate the said trend.


Halo-halo is one of the most popular desserts during summer so the content creator decided to try giving it a twist.

The post of Chef Don already received millions of views on social media.

He joked that he would add chili on the top of his new creation to imitate the grilled balut.

“Wala ka talagang palya Chef hahahahh Henyo ka talaga! Biruin mo d natutunaw ang baso ah. Hahahaha,” netizen Shy said.


“Kaya pala nag tatanong kung may chili garlic pako. Magtitinda pala grilled Halo Halo,” netizen Adrian commented.

Meanwhile, another restaurant announced their new dessert, grilled halo-halo with bacon strips on top.

Bebang HaloHalo posted a photo of their new product on their social media page.

“Putting your sweet desires ON FIRE! Say hello to our Limited Edition GRILLED HALO-HALO and never miss out on the grill craze! Available starting this APRIL 1!” the restaurant post reads.


Netizens quickly guessed that the said restaurant was making an April Fool joke.

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