Netizens criticize employer who is looking for a kasambahay with college diploma

Netizens couldn’t hide their disappointment in an employer who was looking for a maid because of its demanding requirements.

The issue started when a netizen posted a job hiring which shows the requirement of the employer for their potential new maid.

According to the listing, the applicant should possess a college diploma and teaching experience.

They’re also offering only two days off every month that according to some netizens, was unreasonable.

The salary would be 15,000 a month with free food and stay.

“Medyo off lang talaga on my end kasi a person should have a degree pa and mas marami atang workload na gagawin,” the author of the post said.

Photo from: u/megumi_satoru

Some netizens couldn’t stop themselves from giving their comments about the said job listing.

“For 15K kasi Kasama Ang food and board I think may Diploma kasi kasama Ang turo sa bata… BPO nga basic pay is 16k Yun nga lang twice a month lang off,” netizen mysterious-shift said.

“Honestly, if I was the employer, that “educational achievement” would be placed there to weed out the rif-raf at pasaway. As with most employment in the PH, palakasan ng loob din ang nagdadadala. Many will not qualify, But those na matatag to pass on a resume or an application kahit kulang yung requirements are already a step above those that simply read the job listing and pass because nakita nila agad “college diploma required”. netizen holo commented.

“It’s an employer’s market. Kung may makukuha silang nag apply that meets their criteria, aba that’s a win for them. If no one bites or wala silang matipuan sa mga nagapply, then they can relist their job listing and lower their requirements. Ganun lang naman ang buhay e.” he added.


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