Eat Bulaga Pinoy Henyo contestant ilang beses napamura sa national television

For almost 18 years, Eat Bulaga’s segment Pinoy Henyo became part of the noontime fun of Filipinos.

The said parlor game became popular and even imitated by Filipinos during special occasions because of its difficulty.

For the first time in its history, Pinoy Henyo recently faced controversy after two contestants allegedly tried to cheat during the game.

The said segment faced another issue after a contestant cursed in the middle of the game several times live on national television.

Erica and her partner Raven during the said episode were playing during the jackpot round of Pinoy Henyo and they were visibly being pressured by the difficulty of the words they needed to guest.

The couple failed to guess the first two words during the game while the third word “Boracay” has been correctly answered by Erica.

Meanwhile, Raven failed to guess the fourth word ‘Kara David’.

Erica became intense during her turn while trying to guess the fifth and final word ‘Mosquito’.

It can be seen that Erica was repeatedly trying to guess the correct word and can be heard saying bad words.

The hosts of the show were trying to stop the contestant but she kept saying the same word.

Because of badmouthing several times, their time limit has been shortened.

Joey de Leon, Paolo Ballesteros, Allan K, and the others quickly approached Erica and reminded about her badmouthing.

Erica quickly apologized for her actions.

“Sorry po sa mga nanonood, hindi po ‘yun totoo joke lang. Nadala lang po,” she said.

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