Karen Davila denies that someone farted during TV Patrol closing spiel: “Don’t believe those with sound effects”

A video taken during the closing spiel of the February 28, 2023 episode of TV Patrol went viral because of a mysterious sound that can be heard by the netizens.

In the said circulating video online, it can be heard a farting sound while the hosts of the news program, Noli de Castro, Karen Davila, Bernadette Sembrano, and Henry Omaga-Diaz were delivering their closing spiel.

The four hosts couldn’t stop themselves from laughing.

However, Davila addressed the netizens about the said viral video, saying that someone only added a sound effect to the said incident and uploaded it on the internet.


“Bakit ba kami tawa ng tawa? Kasi po, si @kabayannolidecastro lagi nagpapatawa bago mag extro at gusto mag banter! Napagsabihan kami that day, no banter na – ayun ayaw, nagpatawa pa!” Davila wrote.

“THIS IS THE ORIGINAL VIDEO. Don’t believe those with sound effects being passed around. Love the team at @tvpatrolph we really have a lot of fun everyday!” she added.


Sembrano also made a statement about the said video, saying that it was edited and they were just having fun during that time.


Omaga-Diaz shared that they laughed because of a ‘private joke’ and not because someone passed gas.

De Castro also said that they couldn’t stop laughing because Davila already started it.

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