Vice Ganda makes a joke about Angkas riders to its CEO: “Minsan, ang baho ng helmet niyo”

Comedian Vice Ganda made a joke about some riders working for the ride-hailing app Angkas during the guesting of its CEO on the noontime show It’s Showtime.

During the said episode on Monday, March 20, 2023, Vice asked Angkas CEO George Royeca why some of the helmets owned by their riders were having a bad smell.

“Minsan, ang baho ng helmet niyo,” Vice said.

Royeca then made a witty response to the comedian, saying that the said smell was a sign of success.

“Amoy tagumpay po yan,” the CEO said.

Even the content creator of Angkas page featured the said exchange between the comedian and their CEO.

“hahahaha boi sinong niloko neto ay ceo pala natin to,” the page wrote.

The said discussion sparked jokes about the ride-hailing app and its CEO who has been found handsome by some netizens.

“Angkas, Pede po ba Angkasan yung CEO nyo?” netizen Andrian said.

“Single ba yung CEO? Asking for a friend,” netizen Maybelline commented.

Some netizens also suggested that every Angkas rider should own disposable shower caps to prevent their helmets to become smelly.

“Baka pede may disposable shower cap bawat angkas rider mas hygienic po kase what if yung last gumamit ng helmet may lice infestation sa ulo edi nahawa ka pa much better talaga if pwede may cover yung helmet kada pasahero or better yet kung alam mo sa sarili mo na suki ka sa angkas dapat magdala ka na ng pang sarili mo sa loob ng bag maliit lang naman yun kesa mahawa ka diba,” netizen Zhane said.

Some Angkas riders said that they’re providing disposable shower caps to their clients.


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