Ellen Adarna may mensahe kay Bretman Rock: “Imma serve you my husband for dinner”

Ellen Adarna couldn’t stop herself from fangirling after being noticed by Filipino-American influencer Bretman Rock.

In a video sent by Bretman to Ellen, it can be seen that the popular influencer tells the actress that she stole Derek Ramsay from him.


“I’m practicing how to eat at your house when Derek invites me,” Bretman said.

“Hi, Ms. Ellen, it’s me, Bretman Rock. I love you so much even though you stole my man.

“I’m literally counting down the days until I come back to the Philippines and have dinner [with you],” 

Ellen then responded to Bretman, saying that she would not hesitate to ‘serve’ her husband to him.


“Sooo.. as a fan girl – i feel like the baddest b**ch **s fan right now!!! Ahhhhhh ahahahahah im a winner. Winner winner chicken imma serve you my husband for dinner @bretmanrock @mimsqiu,” said Ellen.

Meanwhile, fans are excited about the possible collaboration between the three.

The video already reached 50,000 reactions and hundreds of thousands of views online.


Derek has yet to give any comment after his wife decided to serve him to the 24-year-old influencer.


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