Liza Soberano admits being forced to becoming an actress: “Hindi ko po pangarap maging artista”

Actress Liza Soberano admitted for the first time that she didn’t dream of becoming an actress.

In an interview with ‘King of Talk’ Boy Abunda, Liza said that she only pursued to enter the show business because of her family’s status.

She said that when she became an actress, she also sacrificed her childhood.

“Hindi ko po pangarap maging artists, I had to be an artist para mapaaral ko sarili, para mapaaral ko kapatid ko, para mabuhay ko yung family ko.” Liza said.

“And I think that’s one thing na hindi alam ng maraming tao. I think they assume na gusto ko maging artists ever since I was a kid, which is not true, kasi it came out of a place, it cam from me, a necessity. I need to make money for my family.

“Hindi po ako nagkaroon ng chance, pagkakataon na mag-grow into myself as an adult. I didn’t get to experience things that normal kids get to experience because I started working at an early age and hindi po normal ‘yon.”

“It’s not a normal thing. But I am sure there’s a lot of people that can relate [with my experience]. Maraming bata na napilitang magtrabaho nang maaga para maging breadwinner para sa mga pamilya nila. And that’s exactly what happened [to] me.

According to her, she opposed her father’s plan to do her audition to ‘Goin Bulilit.

However, she was convinced to work because of her family’s situation in America.

“We had a really big fight kasi ayaw ko. I was a very shy girl, I was very boyish, I didn’t know how to speak tagalog. And I wasn’t honestly expecting na magtatagal po ako dito sa Philippines. Akala ko babalik din po agad ako sa states.” she shared.

“Pero nagtagal po ako rito dahil nagkasakit ‘yung Lolo ko sa states, the ones that I call mommy and daddy, my parents. And hindi po nila ma-afford na ibalik kami ng kapatid ko sa states. And so, I was forced to work because I wanted to go back to the states.

It can be recalled that Liza went viral on social media because of her statements against the people surrounding her during her career in the Philippines.

Despite not dreaming of becoming an actress, Liza was now trying to enter Hollywood and leaving her prosperous career in the country.

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