Maegan Aguilar, forbids her family including Freddie Aguilar to take her body if she passes away

Former singer Maegan Aguilar declared that no one from her family, including her father, OPM legend Freddie Aguilar from taking her body if she ever passed away.

In her Facebook post, Maegan, who her own family abandoned because of her vices, said that she wanted her family not to take advantage of the situation if she was gone.

“I am forbidding & removing all legal/illegal authority from my parents, siblings, and the rest of my bloodline to go near & touch my c-rpse just to manipulate my situation to their f—– up advantage all over again,” Maegan said.

Maegan even said that anyone except from his family could take her body and even feed it to her father and mother if they wanted.

“Strangers can pick up my body & use my flesh at IPAKAIN ito to poison Freddie Pascual Aguilar & Josephine Ponce Queipo-my biological mother,” she also said.

It can be recalled that Maegan failed to get the support of Sen. Raffy Tulfo after she proved positive from still continuing her vices.

Tulfo even offered to rehabilitate Maegan, who’s having multiple health problems but refused, insisting that she only wanted to have money to build a business.

However, Tulfo didn’t buy the explanation by Maegan, and some netizens praised the senator for not listening to the former singer because she might use the money to fund her vices again.

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