Edu Manzano on the issue being faced by his son Luis Manzano: “I don’t need to defend him. Matanda na yun,”

Edu Manzano talked about the current issue being faced by his son Luis Manzano after the latter got involved in an alleged fuel company scam.

Last January, several investors of Flex Fuel Corporation filed complaints against Luis, who’s the former ‘Chairman/Owner’ of the said company, and the actor’s business partner Ildefonso “Bong” Medel Jr.

Luis denied the accusations against him, saying that he had already left the corporation and even claimed that he was not involved in the operational matters of Flex Fuel.

The actor also said that Medel owed him P66-M and until now never paid him back.

In an interview, Edu was confident that Luis would solve the issue.

The veteran actor also believed that it would be better if only Luis’ lawyers would speak about the case.

“Kung anuman ang nangyari sa kanilang magkasosyo, that is something that we will find out after the lawyers and the investigation have been conducted.” said Edu.

“Alam niyo mas mahirap pa ang tumagal sa showbiz. He’s been in the business for how many years and he survived. Besides, like I’ve said, he already tried to explain his case, but mabuti na nasa kamay ng mga abugado so less said, the better.” he added.

Edu also refused to defend his son, saying that Luis was old enough to be on his own.

“Nag-uusap kami, but I don’t need to defend him. Matanda na yun, e. He’s his own man.” he said.

Meanwhile, Flex Fuel insisted that they didn’t mislead their investors.


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