Kai Sotto reacts about being overhyped by sports vloggers: “Ginulay ang munggo’

Filipino basketball player Kai Sotto at the age of 20 already become one of the most popular cagers in the country because of social media.

However, the popularity of the 7’2-player of Hiroshima Dragonflies already became an ‘internet meme’ because some vloggers made unreal comments about his performance in basketball.

Sotto started trending on social media when he attempted to enter the NBA, and many sports vloggers featured every step he made during his journey.

Some netizens criticized the said vloggers for making unrealistic predictions and hyping Sotto.


One of the most famous lines used by vloggers when featuring Sotto was ‘ginulat ang mundo’ (shocked the world).

It seems that even Sotto was already aware of the meme about him.

In his social media post, he reacted to a fan telling him he shocked the world again with his decision to transfer to B.League.


“Ginulat mo na naman kami! Kaw talaga!” netizen @kabulastugan said.

“Ginulay ang munggo,” Sotto responded.

Netizens couldn’t stop laughing at the comment made by Sotto.


Some fans also cheered Sotto not to be affected by the memes about him and not to give up on his dreams to enter NBA.


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