Ang bangis talaga! Boy Tapang introduces his new girl Lai Austria: “Nag-CONTENTan kami”

The sad ending of the partnership between Ronnie Suan, also known as Boy Tapang, and Filipino-American influencer LJ Satterfield went viral on social media several days ago.

However, it seems that Ronnie has already found his new partner, another controversial influencer Lai Austria.

In the video uploaded by Lai on February 28, it can be seen that Lai collaborated with Ronnie in her ‘mukbang’ vlog.

The two talked about themselves while eating and even laughed together.

Ronnie was also game to exchanging green jokes with Lai.

He also shared how he started as a content creator, making extreme eating challenges.

“Grabe ka pala kumain ng siopao ‘no, buong-buo,” Lai told Ronnie.

Lai also made it clear that she was the one who asked Ronnie to appear on her channel.

Meanwhile, several netizens saw a chemistry between the two and even said that Lai was better than LJ.

“Ito na Ang sisikat na magkatandem pag tuloy tuloy content nila lakas ng chemistry bagay cla may pagkakwela,” netizen Jeffrey said.

“Makikita mo talaga yung sincere na ka collab compare sa mangga. Si ms. Lai alam mo talaga game siya sa lahat nang bagay kahit mga green jokes wala siya problem,” netizen Gremar remarked.

“Kinilig Ako sa inyung dalawa..promise..Ang saya bagay talaga kayung dalawa mis Lai…” netizen Gerardo commented.

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