Kat Alano, naniniwalang magkakaroon ng karma ang mga manghahalay pagdating ng panahon

Kat Alano was optimistic that she would get justice in the future even though the man who allegedly did something terrible to her was still running free for almost two decades already.

In her tweet, Alano cited the case of Harvey Weinstein and R Kelly, who were made something wrong with the women they interacted in the past but still the, justice caught up with them.

It can be recalled that the victims of Weinstein and Kelly spent more than 16 and 20 years just to get the justice they wanted.

Alano believed that justice would catch #RhymesWithWrong in the future.

“Karma for r*p*sts is coming. Only a matter of time.” she said.

It can be recalled that for several years, Alano took a swipe against the man whom she called ‘#RhymesWithWrong’ and some netizens guessed that she was referring to actor Vhong Navarro.

However, Alano never confirmed if she was referring to the actor, and the only clues were her sudden tweets when something was happening to the case filed by Deniece Cornejo against Navarro.

It can be recalled that Alano made a tweet after Navarro had been allowed to post bail.

“I feel sick. This is so wrong. It’s all wrong. Bahala na kayo Pilipinas. You deserve what you asked for. Sana hindi mangyari sa inyo to.I can’t stop crying. I feel broken and defeated. Ayaw ko na talaga.” Alano said.

Some netizens urged Alano to file charges. However, she explained that #RhymesWithWrong was influential and she might had a hard time seeking justice.



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