Delivery rider complains to his customer who wants him to transport 500 pieces of egg: “Papahiramin ko nalang kayo ng motor”

A delivery rider couldn’t hide his dismay at a customer who wanted him to do an almost impossible task.

The customer shared his conversation with the delivery rider, who complained because he wanted to transport 500 pieces of egg via motorcycle.

The rider wanted the customer to cancel his order to avoid being penalized by the system.

“Lalamove po.. HIndi po pwede isakay sa motor ang limangdaang itlog. Paki cancel na lang po.” the delivery rider said.

“Kawawa po ang rider eh. Sa sedan nyo po I rebook yan salamat.” he added.

If the customer insisted, the rider was willing to lend his motorcycle.

“Or puntahan nyo na lang po dito sa inorderan po ninyo at kayo na ang magdrtive papahiramin ko po kayo ng motor,” he said.

Fortunately, the customer gladly canceled the order to search for another method to deliver his eggs.

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Some netizens laughed at the said conversation, while others praised the delivery rider for not allowing his safety to be put in jeopardy.

It can be recalled that some delivery riders were seen overloading their motorcycle to cater their customers.

However, the said practice of some riders put themselves and other motorists in danger.

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