Coco Martin, inireklamo ng ilang vendor sa Quiapo dahil sa perwisyo: “Bumababa sales namin”

Coco Martin was known for his generosity to the people working in show business.

It can be recalled that the previous program of Coco, ‘Ang Probinsyano,’ helped many retired actors and actresses to revive their careers.


Coco’s new show ‘FPJ’s Batang Quiapo’ also brought jobs to hundreds of people, including social media influencers who dreamed of becoming part of showbiz.

However, behind the actor’s generosity, some businessmen in Quiapo were already affected by the taping being held by the show’s production team in their area.

One of the vendors in Quiapo, Abe Cañezo, shared her complaint on social media, saying that their business was affected because of the taping being held by the Batang Quiapo team.


“Dear FPJ, Batang Quiapo! kung mag shooting kayo wag naman araw araw  bumababa sales namin pag nanjan kayo eh  haystttt coco hanggang kelan nanaman kaya tong palabas mo,” Cañezo said.

According to some vendors, some places in Quiapo became off-limits because of the tapings held by the production team.

They also asked the LGU of Manila City to hear their complaints about the program.


Meanwhile, talent manager Ogie Diaz urged the Batang Quiapo team to think of a solution to help the affected vendors.

Coco has yet to give a reaction to the complaint of the vendors, but fans were confident that the actor was going to take action to solve the issue.

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