Rosmar Tan admits that she enhanced her appearance by the help of science

One of the most influential beauty line CEO in the country, Rosemarie “Rosmar” Tan finally admitted to the public that she used the power of science to enhance her appearance.

In a video, Tan announced that she went to a procedure to enhance her nose.

However, she didn’t directly admit that she enhanced her whole face.

“Para sa mga nagsabing retokada ako noo, pahiya kayo, ngayon lang,” Rosmar said.

“Sabi ko naman sainyo pag nagparetokeee ako iannounce ko, HAHAHA mahirap kasi umamin noon kung di naman totoo binibintaaang nyo HAHAHA,” she added.

Some netizens gave their response to the message of Rosmar:

“Hindi nmn na need mag pa retoke dahil superrrrr Ganda mo naman,” netizen bhebegirl said.

“Bakit po??? Mas maganda ka sa natural,” nmetizen Nashi remarked.

“Ok na sayu maam rosemar kahit di kana mag paretoke magnda kapadin,” netizen Jennelyn commented.

It can be recalled that the old photos of Rosmar that were taken when she was still a small business owner circulated on social media.

She also shared an old interview that featured her business and some netizens who watched it couldn’t stop wondering if she underwent several procedures to achieve her current appearance.


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