John Regala gives an advice to celebrities: “Matuto kayong mag-ipon habang bata pa kayo”

John Regala’s retirement became a lesson to every netizen who was aware of his story.

Regala who’s called the “Bad Boy” of Philippine action films appeared in more than 100 movies and he was supposed to be wealthy after his career as an action star.

However, the former actor became viral on social media several times because of his financial difficulties after his retirement.

Regala who’s having health problems sometimes couldn’t afford to buy medication so he was forced to ask the public for help.

In an interview, Regala shared that he learned his lesson a hard way so he wanted to remind the new generation of celebrities not to be like him.

According to him, celebrities should save a lot while they’re still capable of working so they’re ready for any worst-case scenario.

Regala said: “Matuto kayong mag-ipon habang bata pa kayo, habang may trabaho pa kayo. Lahat tayo tatanda at lahat tayo magkakasakit. Hindi habang buhay malakas tayo at hindi habang buhay andyan yung taong tinutulungan mo noong marami ka pang pera.” 

It can be remembered that Regala also shared that the people who received help from him in the past, including his relatives already abandoned him.

Right now Regala had difficulties in asking for help from his friends from showbiz after his issue with a group of celebrities who volunteered to raise funds for him.

“Wala na rin akong kamag-anak. Magmula nung pumanaw yung nanay ko, itinakwil na rin ako ng mga kamag-anak ko. Dahil wala na silang mapapala sa akin.” he shared.

Meanwhile, the remaining fans of the former actor were still hoping that Regala would overcome his problems.

As of writing, Regala was still required to take his medications because of his health problems.

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