Neil Salvacion’s brother refutes the claims of Rabiya Mateo about her ex: “You opted to commit a sin during the pageant!”

The brother of Neil Salvacion broke his silence after Miss Universe Philippines 2020 claimed that she rejected the marriage proposal of her ex to prioritize her career.

It can be recalled that during the interview with Boy Abunda, Rabiya said that she refused to marry Neil who was her partner for 7 years to focus on giving the needs of her family.

Rabiya said: “I think this is the first time na sasabihin ko sa TV, but he proposed to me, and I was so young that time, I wasn’t ready. I have a lot of dreams for my family and during that time he was ready to settle na and feeling niya okay na siya sa buhay. Pero ako I want to aspire to be more. Doon kami nagkaroon ng conflict,”

However, the brother of Neil denied the claims of Rabiya saying that the beauty queen accepted the proposal from her ex.

In the post of Nhel Skie, he claimed that the beauty queen made a ‘sin’ while she was participating in the pageant which became the real reason for their breakup.

The netizen also said that Rabiya was still lucky because her ex-boyfriend decided to kept his silence.

“You never rejected my brother’s proposal. In fact, you accepted it and wore the ring before your pageant started internationally. Something happened along the way and you opted to commit a sin during the pageant and you have to own up to that.” he said.

“You’re lucky na mas gustong manahimik ng kapatid ko kesa patulan ang mga scripted na sagot mo.” he added.

As of writing, Rabiya has yet to give response to the post of Neil’s brother.

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