Joel Lamangan, ibinahagi na inatake sa puso at muntikan ng hindi matapos ang ‘Oras de Peligro’: “Kung nagtagal-tagal pa, natuluyan na siguro ako”

Despite his old age, veteran director Joel Lamangan refused to stop making movies especially if it’s about promoting his advocacy.

However, being a restless 70-year-old filmmaker had repercussions on his health.

During the media conference for his latest project ‘Oras de Peligro’ Lamangan shared that he almost passed away while filming the said movie.

According to him, he was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a heart attack and was already advised by his doctors to stop filming for a while.


Lamangan refused the advice of his doctors, saying that he wanted to finish ‘Oras de Peligro’ because he believed in the importance of the said movie.

“Inaatake na ko sa puso while doing this and my doctor told me to stop. But I felt I have to finish this, kailangang magawa ko ito. I only went to the hospital for my bypass after I’ve completed the movie.” Lamangan said.

“The doctor said na kung nagtagal-tagal pa, natuluyan na siguro ako. But I’m glad sa natapos kong pelikula and I’m very proud of our movie,” he added.

It can be recalled that Lamangan’s movie was being shown in the theaters together with Director Darryl Yap’s film about Marcos family.

Lamangan criticized Yap several times for allegedly spreading misinformation to improve the image of the Marcoses.

“Ang gusto nilang gawin, pagtakpan ang katotohanan, baguhin ang kasaysayan at sila ang palabasing kawawa. Ang mga Pilipino talaga ang nagpatalsik kay Marcos noon sa Malacanang. Yun ang totoo at dapat, igalang natin ang kasaysayan,” the legendary director said.

Lamangan also said that Yap intended to release their movie on the same date.


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